Joint Commission | OSHA Compliance Online


With the introduction of this newly-revised online course, Elsevier / MC Strategies has taken a fresh approach to content development by enhancing a course that has been trusted by hundreds of healthcare
organizations for years.

Updated Joint Commission | OSHA Compliance online Course Helps Your Organization Streamline Learning.With completely revised materials and 15 new lessons, Elsevier / MC Strategies has created a superior online course for your employees, replete with the most accurate, up-to-date content. This engaging course offers a total of 80 lessons, of which, 57 lessons have been written in English and an additional 23 lessons have been translated into Spanish. What’s more is that each lesson presents engaging, captivating, and interactive learning activities, such as crossword puzzles, flash cards, and line matching exercises. These self-assessment activities allow employees to measure their understanding of a subject matter and gauge their ongoing progress.

The Joint Commission | OSHA Compliance online course helps your organization promote safety and high quality care standards. The goal of The Joint Commission | OSHA Compliance Online course is to help organizations continue to meet regulatory compliance standards and to promote safe, quality patient care. This course helps keep all of your employees updated with the latest regulatory requirements, standards and laws, and prepares staff at all levels to discuss key patient safety requirements with accreditation and regulatory surveyors. Customizable lessons can meet the unique needs of each organization and address the learning needs of a diverse, growing workforce.

Lesson Listing    
  1. National Patient Safety Goals*
30. Influenza Vaccines
  2. Hand Hygiene *
31. Latex Allergy
  3. Fire Safety*
32. NEW Ergonomics in the Workstation
  4. Bloodborne Pathogens and Exposure Control*
33. NEW Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act
  5. Personal Protective Equipment*
  6. Patient and Employee Confidentiality*
34. Safe Patient Transfers
  7.  Abuse and Neglect*
35. Preventing Needlestick Injuries
  8. Lifting and Protecting the Back*
36. Tracer Methodology
  9. Ethics in Health Care*
37. NEW Patient Teaching
10. Hazard Communication and Material Safety Data 38. Core Measures
39. Pain Management
11. Cleaning and Disinfecting the Patient Care 40. NEW Medication Management
41. NEW End-of-Life Care
12. Safety on the Job and Preventing Slips, Trips, and 42. Admission Assessment
43. Emergency Management: Infection Control
13. Ensuring Safety and Security in Healthcare 44. NEW Blood Transfusions
45. Anesthesia and Sedation


Sentinel Events*
46. Restraint Usage in Medical-Surgical and Behavioral
15. Incident Reports*
16. Emergency Management Plans and Codes*
47. NEW Isolation Precautions
17. NEW Population-Specific Care*
48. Universal Protocol
18. NEW Decreasing the Risk of Inpatient Suicide*
49. NEW Providing Patient-Centered Care through
19. NEW Preventing Patient Falls*
  Patient Involvement
20. Nutritional Care*
50. Electrical Safety
21. Tuberculosis*
51. Radiation Safety
22. HIV and AIDS*
52. Responding to Radiation Emergencies
23. Viral Hepatitis*
53. Performance Improvement
24. Introduction to Teams and Team Building
54. Leadership
25. Cultural Diversity
55. Staying Healthy
26. NEW Regulated Medical Waste

NEW AACN’s Standards for Establishing and

27. Advance Directives   Sustaining Healthy Work Environments:
28. NEW Organ Donations   Introducing the Journey to Excellence 
29. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 57. NEW AACN’s Standards for Establishing and
      Sustaining Healthy Work Environments:
      The Six Essential Standards-A Journey to Excellence
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